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Menu June 2024

Greeting from CAGLA
Cream puff with mushed Edamame, Dashi granite

Dish 1
Freshly boiled thin sliced pork belly
aromatic vegetables with homemade sesame sauce

Dish 2
Pureed corn soup
Jellied summer vegetables
Rolled Japanese Omelet with eel Smoked salmon rolled with vinegared radish Deep-fried lotus root filled with chicken

Dish 3
Omakase Nigiri Sushi 5 piece

Dish 4

 (Choice of fish or beef)
Grilled flounder flavored with lime (Yuan style)
Argentine roast beef cutlet

Dish 5
Kabosu calpico sorbet, Hana Shingen Mochi Buckwheat cracker Sandwich filled with Azuki beans


Menu 85 Euro

Pairing 50 Euro

*Accompaniment 4 glasses of wine and 1 glass of sake

We currently do not offer any vegetarian or vegan menu options.